Friday, June 12, 2015

QLD Government Innovation Portal - Cool idea

QLD Government has recently opened up a site to garner outside thoughts on challenges which the government faces. These might be unusual problems about data, security, and just about anything which requires a solution  that some off the shelf software won't cut out of the box.

There is presently a discussion going on with regards to preserving calendars which are currently in Outlook PST files. Now as to the problems they are trying to solve with that preservation, such as it needs to have the ability to be readable and useful 100 years hence and what formats are open to preserve such things and retain the integrity of the original calendar entry  and be in a format which shall be readable by the fact the file specification will be openly preserved allowing anyone to go and read the file with readily available software knowing the file format.

There is learning going on with both sides of the conversation, with a response of the request specification needing to be addressed as the ideas whilst perhaps good have  a second set of issues. The asked and are altering the question in response to responses as they had learned their initial request may have had some gaps in it.

Well done to the guys at QLD government who set up and run the site and those that are willing to put their ideas out there and canvas a wider pool of thought.

This is a great idea and good to see some people getting into the spirit to try and resolve the question/problem raised.

I hope a lot more departments are able to bring problems to the open to get solutions which may never have been thought of using only oe set of views.

The site is

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