Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bemoaning DB2

About a year ago I was presented with an addition to my role. As part of the company acquiring Infosphere I acquired DB2 under its bonnet. This has proved somewhat of a learning curve and at this time DB2 still has a couple of mysteries up its sleeve. I still have answers to find about DB2's space management and table sizing and storage. I had previously had some experience with installing and some basic application integration steps but never learned much about the day to day management.

A definite win for the DB2 community is Data Server Manager. DSM is a great tool and is rapidly maturing. If you are new to DB2 or are using it definitely keep up with the upgrades right now as there is a lot happening. The current release has some great new features over its earlier counterparts and whilst there are a lot of graphical tools which could be added to the dashboard it's very handy as is.

Easy SQL tool, and the simple dashboard are great. Being able to check any part of the DB2 system in a couple of clicks are all great to have.

I am sure there are those who will still frown upon people using graphical tools but using this as a way to better understand rather than just a mindless point and click will learn a lot very quickly from being assisted by the tool.

So I am still no fan of DB2, it is the 5th product I have worked on seriously in the database realm so I have some considerable experience across them, DB2 will be easier to manage and easier to teach someone in due course  with DSM. Back to war tomorrow and see what else I learn.

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