Friday, May 01, 2015

Modelio 3.3 on Xubuntu 3.13

I recently started working with Modelio running on Xubuntu. f you are not familiar with Xubuntu it is a lightweight desktop Ubuntu build. Lighter UI than KDE or Gnome, you will likely end up with parts of KDE or Gnome in your system due to other applications you want to need either KDE or gnome libraries. It is still lightweight and the only reason I use Windows at home is for one purpose and that is accessing the Tax Office (ATO)
Now I am probably not as thin as originally installed as there are some things that you just try and work with.

Modelio has a few issues that you need to resolve to get it working.

Firstly download the software, mine was the open source version 3.3
Unpack it and move it to a directory.
Then you need to make sure your Java is correct. Modelio 3.3 requires java 8 you will need to make sure it is your default Java version, there are a few notes around on Ubuntu you require the alternatives command sudo update-alternatives --config java

I have then set the -vm parameter in modelio.ini to your Java 8 location

Without Java 8 you may find it loading with blank screen and no menus, or it wont start with a framework error.

I had a problem that the TOGAF module wouldn't enable in a project. It was a problem from a previous version of Modelio, actually a 32bit version. I deleted the project. So warning if changing Modelio export your projects before doing anything and import them to the new version. In this case, it was nothing important. You may not be so lucky

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