Wednesday, August 08, 2007

WSJ did a real fine thing

An article found recently on Wall Street Journal about a series of ways to circumvent IT to get stuff done, or bypass IT controls, seems at first as a real problem for IT departments, the way the artical is written is clearly an attack on the IT teams authority.
We to that I say boo hoo, to all the CIO's out there if this is a problem you haven't been doing your job, you clearly failed in a major part of your job description and that is education, and understanding of your user(client) requirements.
Firstly let me remind you you are in a service industry, with a requirement for providing service to your clients and if this is now suddenly the worst thing in the world then you are clearly lacking in part of your job. You haven't been providing service. Why are you users so excited about this revelation that there are ways to get your job done, because you have tried to close everything up because that just made your job easier, not theirs.
If this article is a problem to you then I would be having a very defined meeting with this article as the agenda and the intention that no one is leaving until you have some sort of plan to deal with it. If you keep hiding with your head in the sand about this your users are going to be your greatest nightmare.
If SOX or HIPAA or any other similar compliance program is going to have to be dealt with you clearly need an education program and maybe fast.

A simple plan might be:
  • Take each one and define why user might want to use that element
  • determine if legislation affecting your organisation is a related to that element
  • educate your users about the risks or why legislation disallows their usage
  • work to implement things that will improve, cant have people donloading any software, but we might be able to run some evaluation program via the corporate wiki to determine the needs and requirements and find a solution.
  • implement slowly the allowable things and implement those education plans

I think for quality IT operations this is a not a problem as their users are aware of the issues and have qualiy solutions in place for remote work etc.

To the rest its time to get your act together

See ya round


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