Friday, August 31, 2007

Data Security goes down hill - ok maybe not :-)

Computerworld today have an article on IBM research that is about controlling atoms to be data stores, interesting stuff and the headline yells at me a big problem. If the storage has the capability to store the amounts of data then every IPod like device can pretty much take an entire inventory of a lot of businesses information, documents, databases, you name it compressed it will take some serious amount of data. Sure its going to take a while to load it on the device but that device could conceivably take a compressed copy of a 100GB database along with a lot of supporting material.

These future devices are going to want some great security as they potentially will have a lot of information on them

On the flip side this will deliver some amazing new multimedia to portable systems, video sales catalogues, like that which has never been seen before. Web 2.0 will look very old hat when this stuff is around.

IBM's two discoveries may yield 30,000 movies on an iPod

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