Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What would I know about mangement?

I have worked in numerous companies over my working life. I have evolved into a way of thinking that it seems whilst is well documented by management experts is not either well understood by many managers, business owners or simply unknown to them. I guess I have seen it from a lot of experience in a lot of different organizations.
It was interesting to see that a lot of things I had learned about peoples behaviour, and the way I work things out are not only part of common management theory but well documented for many managers to learn. I guess hard experience does count in some cases then.

I guess the problem for a lot of small business managers the place a lot of this starts is that they are not managers but technicians of their chosen trade or professions. This often leaves them out of the loop of this information that is readily available but may not be so well set-up in a single location.

I am no longer really that amazed to see that much of the problems that small business suffer are directly related to this especially in staff issues and the management of staff as they are concerned.

Well back to the desk and documenting some systems

See ya round


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